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  • .Thanks so much for a wonderful show, as usual, and for giving our daughter the opportunity to prove she could handle a "starring" role. She was over the moon!
  • .My shy daughter loved every minute of it!!! She told us the other day that she wanted to go to NYU and design sets!!! Thank you again for everything!!!
  • .Thank you for your hard work! My girls enjoyed the class, and we enjoyed the show!
  • .You made a BIG impact on our daughter over the years -- from her kindergarten production of Lion King, and through the years we have been so impressed at how truly joyful she is to spend the week with you and your associates.
  • .Thanks again for all you do. We truly love the opportunities & exposure our child has got from partaking in the Let's Pretend program.
  • .Thank you so much for putting on an awesome show!!! We really enjoyed it and everyone did such an amazing job. Our son had a great time in your class and we hope to get you again as a teacher.
  • .Thank you so much for a great week of camp and a fun performance! Our child loved it and we will definitely be signing her up for Let's Pretend in the Fall!!
  • .Thank you for a great week! Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time at theatre camp, and we believe that it was a great experience for her.
  • .Thanks so much! The performance was amazing! The girls loved it so much. We will definitely be checking out the fall schedule. Thanks again!
  • .I love what you and the drama performance do for the kids' self esteem & public speaking skills. I would not trade this experience for anything else.
  • .My daughter participated in Let’s Pretend when she was at Summit Hill years ago, and since then she has gone on to perform with community theaters all around the North Atlanta area and is a lead in this show! And it all started with Let’s Pretend!
  • .Our child has loved this experience so much and cannot wait to do it again next year. She is such a shy little thing around people and this has been such a great experience for her.
  • .I was going to send you a note today to congratulate you for getting the kids in such great shape for their production. I know sometimes it must be like "herding cats", especially the little ones (like mine), but you had them all focused and ready to go!
  • .It was such an enjoyable show! What a treat! Thank you for working so hard with these kids and letting their little inner stars shine! Bravo!
  • .Congrats on a job well done. Yesterday's performance was great. We appreciate all your hard work, commitment and patience with our kids. Our daughter really enjoyed herself and looks forward to possibly attending a camp session.
  • .Thank you for all of your hard work and for making it so enjoyable for the children. It's wonderful to see them so enthusiastic about working together with their school mates to accomplish something so amazing.
  • .Thank you so much for a great week of camp and a fun performance! Our daughter loved it and we will definitely be signing her up for Let's Pretend in the Fall!
  • .Thank you for a great week! She thoroughly enjoyed her time at theatre camp, and we believe that it was a great experience for her.
  • .Thanks so much! The performance was amazing! Our kids loved it so much. We will definitely be checking out the fall schedule. Thanks again! 
  • .Seeing my daughter perform for the first time was my Christmas present! Thank you for all your dedication in bringing out the "little performer" in my child. We have already signed up for next semester's Let's Pretend class.
  • .You have left an indelible mark on our child's life.
    .We are blessed to have your leadership and I thank you for making her first experience in theater such a positive one.
  • .Thank you for all that you did. The performance was adorable! We will definitely be back next semester. My mother came from Florida to watch today and she said she was sorry she couldn't come to all her shows. My child answered, "that's ok, I will be doing Let's Pretend forever. You can come to one of those!" I love how much she loves it!
  • .Thank you for all your hard work and patience with these kids! It was an impressive performance! They just get better and better each semester.
  • .This past semester has been one of the most exciting we as a family experienced. Watching our son grow in confidence and actually enjoy something that required memorizing lines paid off big time.
  • .My daughter did one week at the Let's Pretend Camp this summer, and a second week of drama at the [other local drama camp]. She said that your camp won hands down and that she had a great time doing the musical which was one of the best performances that I have seen. I wish my husband could have seen it. My child has been in Let's Pretend for quite some time now and has attended two summer camps as well. You were a great director who inspired the kids and really brought out the best in each of them.
  • .You did an awesome job with the kids! It was hard to believe how much they accomplished in such a short time. My child had a great time and looks forward to participating again!
  • .My son had a great time in Let’s Pretend this semester! You will definitely see him next semester...he can hardly wait. They all did an amazing job. You should be so proud! What an accomplishment!
  • .Thanks for all of your hard work with the kids! I know my son had a great time in Lets Pretend this fall and is excited to join you again in the Spring.
  • .Thank you for your stellar direction!!!
  • .Thank YOU for everything!!! You really did an amazing job and I love that my children were able to experience Let's Pretend. Your patience and understanding will not be forgotten and I believe that it boosted both of my children's confidence levels.
  • .You are so giving with your time and energy and it was evident in yesterday's performance. The kids were all amazing and incredibly adorable. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!
  • .I truly appreciate the work you are doing with all these kids. I believe that your program has really helped my daughter come out of her shell.
  • .I wanted to thank you all again for doing such a fabulous job with the Lorax last week. It was absolutely mind-blowing!
  • .I want you to know that my daughter has great, great memories of Lets Pretend. I think it really changed her life and gave her huge confidence. It is a wonderful program and I would recommend it to anyone who asked. To be exposed to people who have made this their life's work is amazing.
  • .My daughter had very big friendship issues when she first started elementary school and Let's Pretend got her through those rough times. I would like to express my gratitude for that. All the best to you and your continued success. You really do make a positive difference in kids’ lives.
  • .I'd like to thank you for putting on such a great camp. My girls LOVED it. I know how important testimonials are so please take this as a huge vote of support for your program. As you know, the girls liked the first camp so much I signed them up for the second one.
  • .Thank you for all that you do. My daughter had a great time at her Let's Pretend Summer Camp this year and she has already told me that she wants to do it next summer. Her teacher told me to put her in a Drama Class as she read so dramatically. Well, needless to say, she has been on cloud 9 since we have moved her to Drama. My daughter takes time to get to know people, and your teacher took time to play games with them the first day and to have a rapport with them before she dove into the class. The teacher did a great job training the kids for the play and seeing that they all had a good time.
  • .Thanks again for running such a wonderful camp! My daughter still can't stop talking about doing James and the Giant Peach a few weeks ago and has already asked to do the camp again next summer, so you know you she'll be back. This program is so great for her confidence and you and your staff always make it a special experience for her. Thank you!
  • .My daughter had SO much fun at drama camp! She's naturally the drama queen, but at camp she learned ways to channel that energy in fun and productive ways.