Lets Pretend
About Us

From the Director:

Years ago, after finishing my Master's degree in theatre, I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life acting, writing and directing. But I wanted to add one more very important element to my repertoire -- teaching children about drama, the wonderful, magical world that I'd known all my life! So I set out to develop a program of consistently high quality, with teachers who loved kids and theatre as much as I did. In 1997 Let's Pretend was just me, a few schools and a handful of dedicated students; now, I've expanded the program to schools across Fulton County, I've been joined by a number of incredibly talented and creative teachers, and together we've offered instruction and performance opportunities to a galaxy of young stars who collectively number over 6,000!

Today we'd like to thank the children who have been a part of our process, our early students and those students who are joining us for our 2019 season. We look forward to continuing to engage your imaginations and helping you create wonderful and exciting characters onstage. We also want to thank the parents of all of our students for realizing the importance of this art form and for encouraging your children to explore it. I know how important theatre is to ensure a well-rounded, self-assured child and I'm gratified that you also appreciate this important fact. We're really looking forward to some great performances this year and more fun as this year's Let's Pretend kicks off!

Lisa Johnson, director, Let's Pretend, Inc.

Our Mission Statement:

The U.S. Department of Education has proven that children involved in the performing arts are better equipped to communicate effectively, solve problems, think creatively, and work successfully with others. We believe that it is essential for every child's complete education and development to be given the opportunity to express themselves through creative channels while building artistic skills and developing a sense of what theatre is. Teamwork skills are developed in our activities which require a positive atmosphere for the group to create successful play. Social development is another by-product of these activities, as children learn to share their ideas while being attentive to other's ideas. Additionally, children gain confidence and a feeling of personal worth by creating imaginative characters in performance. In Let's Pretend our fun, creative-based curriculum, exercises and activities are guaranteed to build a stronger, more confident child.